No credit check student loans are available to borrowers for their education. After seeing what credit rating the three bureaus give a potential borrower for a loan they determine their risk in loaning someone money. There are no credit check student loans available where the borrower does not check someone's credit rating.

One example of no credit check student loans are subsidized loans. These no credit check loans differ from unsubsidized loans in two major ways. For independent students in graduate school it is $8,500. For 2010/2011 school year the interest rate for a subsidized Stafford loan is 4.50%. You apply for your no credit check student loans or Stafford loans after you fill out the FAFSA and receive a financial aid letter from your university.

There are many different kinds of student financial aid. There are scholarships, grants, federal aid, school-based aid, and private aid. Many students have either no credit or bad credit and need to find a credit worthy cosigner before they can secure any private student loans. You may have heard that there are private student loan lenders that specialize in providing students with bad credit education loans but the reality is that these kinds of student loan lenders don't exist. Financial assistance can take many forms, even no credit check bad credit student loans. In light of this, students with no credit or poor credit, have had to rely on cosigners who are creditworthy so that they can secure private student loans.

Be aware, may private student loan lenders will try to ply this situation. Students will feel hopeful that they will get a loan without a cosigner. Credit Based Products. Private college loans are actually credit-oriented financial services and, unless the student has good credit, or a cosigner is present to provide good credit back up, the chance of getting the needed funding is abysmal.

False Promises, Rumors are about that there are private student loan lenders who take a specific interest in approving loans for students with bad or no credit or who lack cosigners. Without good credit or a worthy cosigner, these loans are usually denied. the sad truth is, bad credit private student loans with no credit check are not going to be the answer to your educational financial needs.

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